A New Beginning

Josie* was an expecting mother who was conflicted about her unplanned pregnancy. She reached out to New Life Pregnancy Center for support. She already had experienced two abortions in the past and felt unsure about what to do.

The center director greeted her with a warm smile and brought her into a private room for a peer counseling session. She listened attentively as Josie shared her fears, doubts and concerns.

The director provided compassionate and non-judgmental support, offering practical information about pregnancy, adoption and the resources available to her. She communicated that the center was there to walk alongside her throughout her pregnancy and beyond, providing her with physical, emotional and spiritual support. As the conversation progressed, they began to discuss their faith. The director shared about the hope that Jesus offers to all who put their trust in Him, and she offered to pray with her. Josie walked out of the center several hours later having chosen life for her baby and having accepted Jesus Christ into her life! Before she left, the director invited her to attend the church on campus for further connection and community. Because of supporters like you, moms like Josie are able to receive the hope and care they need in a challenging season. *Name changed

New Life Pregnancy Center is a ministry of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries (ABCS). To read more impact stories and ministry updates like this one, check out ABCS’ 2022 Annual Report.