Parenting and life skill classes are offered at each New Life Pregnancy Center. Moms, dads, grandparents, and caretakers of any age are welcome to join a class at any time. Class topics and times vary throughout the year.

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Parents who attend parenting and life skills classes at a New Life Pregnancy Center earn points or “baby bucks” to shop for baby items in the center’s “Baby Boutique.” Items available may include strollers, cribs, toys, food, clothing, formula and more. Childcare during parenting classes is available at select locations.

Bible studies are also available for those who are interested at select locations. Please check the calendar below or call your local center for the classes in your area, or call (800) 878-4574 for more information.

Classes offered through New Life Pregnancy Center do not fulfill court requirements. If you have been ordered to attend parenting classes through the state, please check with your caseworker before attending classes to ensure they meet the requirements.

To view more information about our parenting classes, support groups and Bible studies, visit our class calendar.