Pregnancy Tests

We offer free, confidential pregnancy tests at every New Life Pregnancy Center location by appointment or walk-in. We use urine pregnancy tests that are 97-99% accurate and will provide you with results during your visit.

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What to Expect:
When you visit a center for a pregnancy test, you will be greeted by center staff. Please inform the staff of the reason for your visit. One of our trained staff will complete paperwork with you in a private office. Confidentiality is our priority.

  1. You will be asked to show a photo ID. This can be a driver’s license, passport, school ID or other form of picture identification.
  2. Once the paperwork is completed, you will be asked to provide a urine sample. You will be directed to the center restroom and the staff will explain the procedure to you. After you provide the urine sample, the staff will conduct the test while you wait in our lobby or office. The test may take up to 5 minutes to show a result.
  3. When the test is complete, the staff will join you in the office to give you the test result in private. For positive test results, we do provide doctor referrals, positive test verification forms (ID is required), a certificate for a free gift bag for mom and the baby, additional resources and our support!

New Life Pregnancy Centers are not medical facilities. We recommend you see a doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is life-changing in any situation. But you have OPTIONS.