Grace & Truth Workshops

Responding with Grace and Truth is a workshop empowering individuals to have grace-filled, life-affirming conversations.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. It’s challenging being pro-life in a pro-choice culture and we want to equip you to do it well. This class is about giving you practical tools to have conversations with those who hold life-opposing views. Topics include practical conversation tools as well as guidance on how to reach and minister to an abortion-minded individual who faces an unplanned pregnancy.

This workshop is family friendly and is suitable for both adults and children beginning at the 6th grade level and up. It has been rated highly by local news articles and attendees, one of whom commented, “Thank you for making this available! It’s short and simple, please don’t change anything about it!”

To learn more about these workshops and how New Life Pregnancy Center can offer them to your church, contact our state co-director Raquel Kerr at or call (602) 346-2300.