Answer to Prayer

Leah* is a mother who dropped off some donations of toys at our Phoenix pregnancy center.

A staff member helped her carry in the donation bags. Her young son was standing next to the car. He looked up and with a big smile said: “I remember you. You were the guy who helped us out.” His comment caught the staff member by surprise. He asked them when he had helped them. Leah replied that around two years ago she had stopped by in tears after being evicted from their property.

Leah shared, “You helped us with a food box and clothing, and then you prayed for our living situation. The very next day we found housing!” She hugged her son. “We have been living there since then, and we want to help you all by giving back.”

We don’t always get to witness God’s direct answer to our prayers and were moved by Leah’s testimony of God’s faithfulness. Join us in praising God for His provision!

*Name changed