A Story Of Hope


A Young Mother’s Decision
Candice* is a young mother of three children. For several years she has been a regular client at New Life Pregnancy Center, a ministry of ABCS. She lives nearby and walks to the center with her children to receive material assistance and attend Spanish parenting classes and Bible studies. At the end of a recent Bible study, parents were given a survey about how the class had impacted them. It included the question, “Have you made a decision to follow Jesus?” The pregnancy center director took some time to explain the gospel following the survey.
“If you want to accept Christ but haven’t yet, you still can,” she said. “It’s so easy that all it takes is a prayer.” Afterward, Candice approached the director and told her, “I said the prayer.” The director was excited to hear about her decision. She also provided Candice with further resources and mentorship. In a meeting with the director several weeks later, Candice burst into tears. She shared that she and her husband were in danger of being evicted. Her husband couldn’t find a steady job, which made affording rent difficult.

How God Provided
The director spent the entire morning looking for resources that could help them but could not find any they qualified for. It was a challenging situation. But God had a solution in store. Just days before their eviction date Candice’s husband found employment. The timing and details worked out for the family to pay the rent they owed. “I know it was God watching my back,” Candice told the director. The director was overjoyed by God’s provision and Candice’s newfound confidence in Him. “She knows now that Jesus loves her and is fighting for her. After that happened, I feel like she’s on fire. She knows God is moving for her family and she’s seeing it.” The physical, emotional and spiritual support provided at New Life Pregnancy Center continues to be a source of encouragement to Candice. Join us in praising God for her growing faith and in praying for her family’s financial security!
*Name changed