Light Renewed

Nearly 20 years ago, Vianney took the wrong bus home and discovered New Life Pregnancy Center (NLPC), a ministry of ABCS. She was 15 years old and was already a wife and a mother of an eight-month-old baby. Vianney was experiencing many practical and emotional hardships, including an abusive relationship. When she visited the center, she was amazed by the team’s love and support. They walked alongside her for years, revitalizing her faith and hope. “I felt the peace that I had been searching for, for years.”

Unfortunately, she was forced to move out of state. After 13 years she made her way back to the area and right back into the community at NLPC. “They don’t just give you materials. They provide peace and spiritual renewals that your life needs. You walk in feeling so bad and leave…with the motivation to keep moving forward. They fight for us, for all the moms in difficult situations.” She currently attends parenting classes and recently became a participant in the New Life Transitional Program, another ABCS ministry. The Transitional Program enables her to receive life skills training, mentoring and advocacy for her children’s mental health. She enrolled all five of them in therapy and has begun to see improvements in their behavior and moods every day. Her first month in counseling brought unprocessed past trauma to light.

Vianney’s love for God has deepened as she has found understanding and healing. “[The staff] have taught us to see how amazing God is despite the storms. That is what they have taught me, the unconditional love of God.” She has also made crucial steps towards reaching other goals with our support. We are grateful for how God is bringing to fruition His promise of “a hope and a future” for her life (Jeremiah 29:11).

You can read her full testimony and learn more about the Transitional Program at