New Life Pregnancy Center: Dreaded Decision

A few months ago, a young lady named Grace* and her boyfriend, Matthew* visited the Tucson New Life Pregnancy Center to receive a free pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was positive, and Grace said she did not want to be pregnant and would most likely have an abortion. The peer counselor spent time talking with both Grace and Matthew, encouraging them to consider options like parenting and adoption to give life to their unborn baby. Matthew was very supportive and continually encouraged Grace to not have an abortion.

Grace finally agreed to schedule an ultrasound at the center but failed to show up on the day of her appointment. The center staff called her to reschedule for the following day. Again Grace did not show up, and the staff was unable to reach her by phone. Matthew returned to the center alone, worried about Grace and asked what he could do to influence her to choose life for their baby. The staff prayed with him and encouraged him to continue talking with Grace, supporting her and encouraging her to reconsider her options.

Months passed without any word from either Grace or Matthew until one day Grace called the center. She informed the staff she was attending her first prenatal appointment that day and had decided to keep her baby! ABCS gives all the glory to God for this decision for life.