New Life Pregnancy Center: Life After Abortion

Ariana* contacted the New Life Pregnancy Center through the website. Her contact form simply stated: “Life after abortion – I need help.” With a feeling of urgency, a staff member called Ariana but only reached her voicemail. She left a message inviting Ariana to return her call whenever she was available.

A few days later Ariana called and told the staff member she had an abortion one week prior and was regretting her decision. Ariana explained how her mom was being supportive and was helping her find resources like New Life Pregnancy Center. Her mom had suggested that Ariana call and talk to someone.

For the next 45 minutes, while on her lunch break at work, Ariana talked with the staff member. She said after her abortion she realized what she had done was wrong but now she didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t expected to feel such deep sadness and was not sure how to handle it. Her friends who had abortions did not feel sad afterward, and her doctor did not prepare her for any emotional effects that could take place after her abortion.

The staff member listened and prayed continually for wisdom to know what to say and how to say words of encouragement to Ariana. She was able to share verses from the Bible describing God’s peace, forgiveness and hope. She told Ariana that God still has a plan for her life regardless of the choices she’s made. God was not finished with her life. Additionally she was able to explain to Ariana how the sadness she felt was something many women experienced after an abortion and she wasn’t alone in her situation. She encouraged Ariana to visit the local NLPC and nearby church to receive extra support and meet women who would surround her with love and encouragement.

Ariana repeatedly thanked the staff member for listening, relieved to hear that other women experience the same emotions she was feeling. She allowed the staff member to pray with her and was grateful. Women need to hear there is hope and forgiveness found in Jesus. Praise the Lord that Ariana reached out for help. Pray other women who find themselves hurting would do the same so they may discover the healing found in Jesus alone.

*Client name has been changed to respect privacy