New Life Pregnancy Center: The Gift of Grace

When Danielle had her first child she was a married, stay-at-home mom. Now single, she found out she was pregnant and felt very alone. She considered abortion, but her paycheck was $100 short of the funds she needed. Feeling stressed and unsure, Danielle called her pastor who referred her to the Wickenburg New Life Pregnancy Center where she received wise counsel. The pregnancy center staff has been praying with Danielle regularly since she chose life for her unborn child. She “risked” her reputation and livelihood in order to carry her baby to term, and the Lord has provided for her when she knew she couldn’t provide on her own. What a testimony to Danielle that God is worthy of her trust. He has provided everything she needs with her job, childcare and more.

During her pregnancy, Danielle tried to consistently work 40 hours a week at her job in order to become a full-time employee with guaranteed hours and benefits. Danielle needed 40 hours a week for a specific number of weeks before this transition would take place. Through much uncertainty and prayer, she ended up meeting her goal just in time and was able to receive family leave when her baby was born. Shortly after baby Grace was born, Danielle returned to church where she was embraced and loved. One woman whom she didn’t know stepped up and offered to watch the
baby when she returned to work. The pregnancy center staff continue to provide material support and encouragement to Danielle.

There are still hard days as a working, single mom. But Danielle says, “I never ever think ‘I wish I would have had an abortion.’ I can’t imagine having that on my conscience.” She says that baby Grace is the epitome of God’s grace. Danielle calls it “enabling grace,” and it’s what compels her to keep going.