Real Mom Stories: Pam

My first thought when I wake up is that I hope the car makes it where I need to be because I don’t have the money to fix it. Actually, that thought keeps me up at night. I can’t sleep when the bills aren’t paid. I have two children in school and one who I pay to send to daycare when I am at work or in class. The state can help with childcare costs, but it’s hard to qualify for it when work is infrequent.

I work for a healthcare agency that does not provide enough to maintain my monthly expenses. I am looking for other job opportunities, but I have been turned down many times because I have a criminal background from years ago. Most healthcare agencies won’t give me a chance, and every time I get turned down I feel like I am trapped by my past mistakes.

I live in a constant state of anxiety because there are many factors that can go wrong in my day. Will I have enough money for gas? Will I be able to pay for my cell phone bill? If I don’t have a phone my employer can’t call me. Are my kids doing okay? Am I going to get back to them in time? Should I choose to pay for gas or electric this month? Who will help if someone in my family gets hurt or sick? Who will care for my family if I get hurt or sick? I have recently have had an issue with my foot that has caused a lot of pain when I work. My only choice is to push through it and hope it doesn’t get worse.

I think about going back to college and about my children’s future and if they will struggle through life as I am. My hope for the future is to be given an opportunity to overcome, to move on from my past and to provide a better life for myself and my children.

Many moms experience financial stress like Pam*. A key theme and focus of the New Life Transitional Program is to help clients see a better hope for tomorrow. Each week they work with mentors to set goals and problem solve when a new crisis arises. Financial hardship can seem hard to escape, but God continually offers hope. Pray for moms like Pam to have the resources they need to support their families. *name changed