Real Mom Stories: Alice

Alice* came to the New Life Pregnancy Center hoping to get an ultrasound. A peer counselor explained she would first need to take a pregnancy test, and Alice agreed. The two sat in the office together, and Alice explained her situation. A pregnancy test she had taken was positive. She felt all of the pregnancy symptoms, but was extremely worried because she had experienced eight miscarriages in her past. Seeing the fear on Alice’s face, the peer counselor encouraged her that Jesus loves her so much he died for her so that by believing in Him she might have peace and hope for the future. Alice listened intently and said that she had never had any spiritual beliefs.

They continued with the pregnancy test, which came back negative. As the peer counselor told her the test result, Alice sank into a confused silence. The peer counselor asked if she could pray with her. Alice agreed, and as the peer counselor prayed Alice let the tears she had been holding back for so long flow steadily. The peer counselor reminded her again of how deeply Jesus loves and cares for her. She encouraged Alice to return to the center or call for support. Alice thanked the peer counselor genuinely, and as she left, she turned back to the peer counselor to thank her again. Pray for this woman who has endured so much pain and hurt in her life. Pray she would realize the Lord wants to draw her near to him and heal all her wounds.*name changed